Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday 5/19 in Banalbany

Good morning you crazy Banalbanians. Here's a quick look at what's going on in your 'hood this morning.

Taking a page of New York City's playbook once again, the rest of the state is looking into having chain restaurants and supermarkets post calorie counts of all products that are sold. I wonder if fast food chains are included as part of the deal. I say if we're going to kick the bucket, we might as well do it with something we all do and for cheap. And that's clog our arteries. No one will admit it, but we all know the food is better when you can see the grease through the bag. That's what happened when I went to Five Guys in Glenmont yesterday and felt no guilt at all. I wish we had a McDonald's that looks like that.

Also going on...the state wants to ban text messaging while driving statewide now. Here in Banalbany, Schenectady County are the only ones who have as law and Albany County will join them soon. Pretty soon car makers will make cars where your hands will be glued to the steering wheel the moment you get into the car.

Sounds like a Tuesday morning in Banalbany. What's your story today?